Nothing beats coming home from a run to a happy dog.


Runner girls


What boys think I do

What my friends think I do

What my parents think I do

What I think I do

What I actually do


This was from the first Cross Country meet of the season yesterday. I’m proud of myself for pushing through it even though I felt like crap, and I passed the girl (in the photo above) right at the end. That’s the Northmont way!
i’m sorry if you’re tired of me ranting about my coach but these rants are never ending so you can scroll past if you want to
And both make me poop :)
Food so good I had to make a post about it.

I made these Moroccan Spiced Lamb Burgers with Apricot Chutney the other day, and the burgers themselves were good, but ohmygod this chutney was AMAZING. Seriously, you could just make the chutney and then put it on whatever you like.  We put some of the leftover stuff on pork chops, and I want to try it with chorizo & eggs for breakfast sometime.

Also, this tomato zucchini tart.  So good, even reheated the next day.  I made it more like a pie than a tart, but it worked.  We had it with some salmon (which I cooked on the skillet with nothing more than olive oil and lemon-pepper seasoning) and mashed potatoes (just boil them, and once they’re soft, pour in a little milk, salt, and pepper, and then mash them.)


I don’t even know why I run. I haven’t gotten any better. All I feel is shame and disappointment and I’m pretty sure that’s how my coach feels too.

Emily!! Don’t say that; you’re not the worst on the team, seriously. And you will get better, I promise. Everyone on the team loves you, and who cares what Joe thinks?

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